Saturday, October 27, 2007


There was diz cat last nite at Daves, was the ever 1st time i came across a cat which only likes to be on your lap the whole night never wanting to leave. At first when Ginny was around, the cat hoped on her lying there on her lap until they left, after that i took the cat on my side and it never left my lap till i go too. The tough part is getting him off me as he didn't wanna let go!, put him down 4 times and he jumped back on me consistently just to roll around the lap and sleep =.= lazy fella. Stood up and he left his paws on my shirt clawing to me didn't wanna let go...kek sei yan! But he is real cute.

He kept playing with his own tail. shaking shaking shaking


Van Motorist

I think He moded his bike into a Van or something? Saw these at SS3 when coming out from the junction.

Yengz man! Safety first!

My Super Hero of the day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ariana's Latest

Just got some latest pics of my niece!

She is gonna learn how to put that legs down when she gets older...

Oh look, shes waving ... Im sure she talks alot now rite sis?

Future Camwhore too i presume.

Friday, October 19, 2007


The most recent picture of you:
When was this taken?
Who took it?
The Wall

A picture of you making the peace sign:
A picture of you with friends:
A picture of you in a weird/random place:Where were you?
Who took the picture?

A picture of you in black and white:Did you edit this picture to black and white or did you take it like that?

Do you like black and white or coloured pictures better?
Depends on the feel

A picture with your hair up:
Do you like your hair up?:
Yes when i had

A picture of you with a WEIRD face:A picture of you wearing a black coloured shirt:
A picture of you wearing a red coloured shirt:A picture of you wearing a green coloured shirt:
A picture of you with your halloween costume:
A picture of you looking mad:
Why were you mad?
Cause didn't want to take the picture leer...grr

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MSN (age6+)

7o7, went to grandpas place last nite and guess who i caught MSN'ing with his gf LOL, my 11 year old cousin =.=...i had to ask him for his email so i can add him on msn LOL, he even told me his was MSN LIVE -.-. His parents came out telling him to go sleep as 2moro got skool.

Dont give me a shit man when i was taking his pics.

Mom -Jeremy! Go sleep liao! 2moro got skool! 2moro u wanna chat with your frens how long oso can ma in skool!

Jeremy - Waitla! I still got alot of friends online ma!

Anyway, not surprising la diz fella, plays online games too LMFAO, that day saw him playing some online game,

so i asked him - eh what game is diz??

- Oh, diz is an online game called Runescape!

- Oh, u doing now running around hitting stones??

- I AM Hunting LA! Need Money! If not cannot buy armor & weapons la!

- (OMGWTF) dalam hati laughing my ass out liao. So...what level are u now??

- 26. still alot to go. =O (few seconds later he dced from the game)

- Eh dc liao ah?

- Aiyah Normal la, Online game is like dat wan!!. Close open reconnect can liao! WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH I LAUGH AGAIN OMGWTF AHDJHSEKIJG. when i was his age i didnt even have a calculator man! LOL. bloody smart ass.

MSN Live okay...dun pray pray

The LCD screen also bigger then he is.

Who wants his MSN?? LOL his email is, he havent accept me yet in msn, wait he after skool ler WAHHAHA.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

End of the Bad Chi

Well, finally i get to perfectly install my new Head Lights, after all the Unwanted CHis around me, bursting my ballast is one of the last thing that i am going to fix after all the fixing dont know who is giving me, fix this fix that fix this fix that, it will never end i tell you, just problems after problems but i hope this will be the last for now at least...maybe if something happens in next few months! i wont mind! =/ not like consistently every week =O ,

Anyway, took these peace of Lights almost 2 months to reach me as i ordered from a very very very busy friend, before that was driving with only fog lamps on or with 3 eyes only. He was selling HID's for like RM300 for lo ones and RM 320 for halogen hi/lo. Told him to get for me the hi/lo but he advised me to get the lo ones as the hi/lo bulbs don't last long. Come to think of it that 2 years ago bought HID's for RM Beribu-ribu...heart pain T-T.

So, got the Lights, brought it to ANOTHER friend to fix it and charged me RM40 for installation!!! Jesus that is throat slit man! bAh nvm bout that, cause my head lamps aren't easy to install too as the installation has to be done from underneath, not the bonnet. So, okay bili bala bili bala, got it fixed...then when the night comes i tested the lights. =/ Disappointing again..the lights aren't pointing the way it suppose to be...the left shines too much to the right where left areas cant be seen. So tak happy, send to my friend again next day, evening...shot the lights on the wall, memang pun la the lights senget like 'ibu bantai anak kaki kangkang'.

He tried spinning the adjuster from the bonnet area which the head lamp can be seen from top, keep spinning, but it just doesn't move up or down, at that time i am still not sure if thats the right gear to rotate up/down or left/right...the mechanic was not sure himself, said it was my left head light casing problem kaki gear sudah patah. =.=. the end..he said..sorry..cannot help you..2ND night..brought to my own mechanic...asked them to help me out with it...they shot the usual..adjust adjust..nothing moves...excuse is...oh..its like that one la...light sure shoot centre wan...puki mak la i fed up next day i brought my dildo sized skrew driver, drove down to my condo basement which has no lights at all, pitch dark basement with high walls...chun la i shot the wall open bonnet, skrewed it BY myself and woLLA, the light moved from right to left! its working! but how about the up/down gear which those mechs did not have an idea where the hell is it...i found it. It's beneath the headlights which u cant barely see from the top if you open the bonnet, the car is too compact that everything has to be hidden. SO..turn turn turn pusing pusing..which is quite tough cos its dark and i have to agak agak where the small gear i just continued pusinging it till i see the lights going up and making a perfect horizontal line! WAHHAHAWIWIHWIHIWWIH HAPPPYYY GEMBIRAAAA CHIBAI STIM!! job well done! go back sleep happy! =p

My 2 years ago headlights.(H4 8000k, H11 8000k)

Current New Heads(H4 8000k which looks like 6000k because of complains of the people, manufacturers had to bring the colors down) but i am happy despite the color deferences, The new one is brighter then the old one =D Anyway, Miss grandma Red here is already 5 years old, reasonable for minor changes right..=( poor granny...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Poppies with Rockies

Wonder why some artists sound so good in videos but they can really suck at live performances. Majority pop singers does VE's in studios and voice over during Live performances as they cant sing well on stage. Here is the BIGGEST VE user till now!

Britney Live(sounds like a wild boar/horse having constipation)

Here is the comparison between rock bands and poppies.

Lifehouse 'Blind' Video

Lifehouse 'Blind' Live

LOL, see the differents? Anyway thats just the introduction to what i really wanna blog about. About one of my favorite rock band Lifehouse, They are back with the latest album called 'Who We Are', albums are currently on shelves selling for RM40+ tops. The new song "Broken and First Time" Hitting the top charts worldwide. Check it out.

Add Lifehouse to your page

For those who is new to Lifehouse, Lifehouse is an alternative rock band from the United States. They came to prominence in 2000 with the hit single "Hanging By A Moment" from their debut album, No Name Face. The single won a Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year, beating out Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys for the No.1 Single of 2001. In 2002, they released their follow up album Stanley Climbfall. The band's third album, self-titled Lifehouse, was released in 2005. The band recently released their fourth studio album, Who We Are, on June 19, 2007. The trio consists of Jason Wade, Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. and Bryce Soderberg.


These is the only latest video, others aren't up yet so most are the older videos for your viewing.

You & Me

Sick Cycle Carousel


Breathing(my personal fav)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Big Boys/Girls Toys

Holla! I'm back! =p Diz blog is not dead yet okay!, just a little laggy! Anyway sorry for the delay la, facebook has been taking the blogging time, very bad facebook, very bad. Anyway i think it's about time to chuck something inside here, growing spider webs liao. Been watching Nip/Tuck lately and whole series is about sex, hotties, gays, bj's, sex toys...and so so so on and lastly the plastic boobies and faces. So there is one part they had a blow up dolly which Sean took the 'V' out of it, and was wondering how do they market these items worldwide, except for our country, how sad. Anyway after research, their marketing does not differ from any Osim or Ogawa events like what they normally have over here in Malaysia man. Take a look, diz is the Adult Treasure Expo 2007 - Tokyo sex convention. The Toys are from

The Doll's

They finally have the Candy Girl Petit Jewel series, including the “F” model with larger breasts! Jewel and Jewel Rosa are much sought after, but for those looking for a smaller frame and lower price, the Petit Jewel is perfect. Made of 100% silicone and in one complete piece (no joint breaks), Petit Jewel is a perfectly smooth model of youth and perfection.

Whether you want the standard Petit Jewel with its tight body, or the Petit Jewel F with the same tight body and larger breasts, you’ll be able to create the girl of your dreams in a compact package. Her skin is soft and supple, not sticky or rough at all. This is as close as you can get to the real thing. Forget the Real Doll and its “asian” models that look like caricatures. If you want a realistic doll that looks entirely Japanese, Candy Girls are it.

Candy Girl Petit Jewel body specifications:

Height: 140cm. (4′6″)
Weight: 24kg/52.9lbs. for “Grip Frame” and 22.5kg/50lbs for “Free Frame”
Bust: 68cm/26.8″ (75cm/29.5″ for “F” Model)
Waist: 51cm/20.1″
Hips: 76cm/29.9″
Shoe size: 22.5~24cm (U.S. size 6.5~8)
Clothing size: 5 (140cm or XS)

They have the newest models, including Meg (#1 request), Rei, Kirara, and Miku.

Hairpieces: To choose a hairpiece, you pick the one assigned to the model, or mix and match. Extras are also available.

Body Frame: Do you want your Candy Girl for modeling? The “grip” frame has tighter joints that can be moved and kept in that position for the best poses. This is ideal for taking photos, or simply for have more secure positions. The “free” frame has less tightness for those who want a freer feel.

Body Hole: You can choose from the “webbed” or “boing” body holes made specifically for Candy Girls.
The Toys

They now have a great 5-piece set of attachments for your XX By-Pit vibrator or Ona Max Revolution sex machine! Jack-in is the best way to get good mileage out of a single vibrator. Especially designed for the XX By Pit 20-mode vibrator, the Jack-in attachments easily plug into one of its two ports for high-powered action. For the Ona-Max it’s just as easy by using the convenient side port. You can readily switch and swap the Jack-in series at will without having by buy multiple vibes, and these are all very high power.

There are vibrating eggs, but most are of low quality and aren’t durable at all. “Inspiration” changes that with a mat-coated MicroMotor bullet rotar that is powerful and also waterproof! It’s silent operation also avoids those awkward moments wondering if anyone outside your door can hear what’s going on. Available in FOUR stylish colors.

We’ve seen remote-controlled vibrators before, but none as stylish as those from the WR-V (Wireless Remote Vibe) series. This is the Egg model, which is completely self-contained and comes in either Metallic or Pink colors. Turning on the egg is easy by simply turning it (no switches!), and it’s activated by a single push on the discrete remote control from 5-10 meters (16-32 feet) away!Going out to a special dinner? A movie? Just want some fun out in public, at home, or in the car? The possibilities are endless with the WR-V remote controlled vibe.The XX By-Pit from Toy’s Heart is our favorite vibrator in the shop because it’s stylish, powerful, and completely adaptable! Using the base unit, you attach up to two compatible accessories (2 included), and control the power for each one individually. A vibrating butt plug for her, and a bullet for him? Both for you? We offer several compatible accessories HERE. It’s the only vibrator you’ll ever need because it’s expandable enough to cover all of

Featuring 10 different modes, the WX-10 wireless remote controlled vibrator from Toy’s Heart is stylish, compact, and has great range for any naughty fun, private or public. Attach the remote to your keys or simply put it in your pocket, and please your mate wirelessly in any way he or she wants (or you want!). All ten modes are adjustable, and the red light lets you know when it’s in action.

The Salamander is the highest quality onahole they carry at KanojoToys. Using “real mold” technology, the Salamander’s shape is modeled on a real vagina! Inside, winding chamber treats you to FIVE stages of pleasure, increasing tightness, changing texture, and keeping you on your toes. This soft jelly onahole is easy to clean with soap and water, and is best used with a silcone or water-based lube for maximum durability.

Anal Ayano is the newest and most realistic anal onahole available. She has a tight, yet soft, hole that opens into a 3-chambered sleeve that feels just like the real thing. The sleeve is jelly-like, easy to wash, and feels great in your hands. Now you can experience the tightness of anal action anytime!This is a high-quality and rare hole only available from Japan.

The “Inspire�? realistic artificial vagina is a high-quality dual-layer masturbation sleeve with a stretchy 25mm hole that grips you perfectly. Inside, the inner layer has a tight ring at the entrance and then soft rings that go all the way down the shaft. The end has a series of 3mm nubs that go all around the

Honey is a relaxing and sensual new bath good from Japan (the world capital of bath products to be sure). Simply add Honey to your bathwater, mix by hand, and within two minutes ALL of the water turns into a slightly thick, and very slippery gel! It’s an amazing feeling, especially with a partner, and the gel contains collagen to boost skin elasticity.Each bottle of Honey has its own flavor and aroma, and actually gets thicker as you move around in it! To keep with Japanese bath style, we recommend showering before entering the bath, as the gel is not meant to be washed in.

The Robotech Thruster allows you to control the speed of the strokes as it does what it does best. So powerful that you have to clamp it down, yet versatile enough to hold. The included vagina sleeve is soft, realistic, and replaceable. Using the easy power control you won’t have to fumble with buttons or jog dials. Just push forward for more power, and pull back for less, from 2-5 strokes per SECOND!

Experience the pleasure of amazing stimulation with the E.S Eroy Station from Toy’s Heart. Incorporating the best Onacup masturbators with adjustable action, E.S pumps away on you at any speed you choose.

Right now they’re offering the Limited Pink Edition in our Special Set which includes THREE compatible Onacups from Toy’s Heart and an AC Adapter. This is the latest in electronic stimulation, and is available only from Japan!

Just introduced at the Adult Treasure Expo in Japan, the Ona Max Revolution is the most adaptable and stimulating sex machine on the market, and only available for export from Japan at Kanojo Toys. The Robotech Thruster is good, but at twice the price you get ten times the functionality, including TWO internal 6V rotators that vibrate and massage your member as the piston works its magic. It has to be seen to be believed.

The best part of the Ona Max is its expandability, versatility, and adjustable straps. You can use nearly any onahole, onacup (even Tengas!), dildo, and even Fleshlights! The 3V port even allows a wide range of adapters that are compatible with the XX By-Pit vibrator, meaning you can use them simultaneously with the pumping action all on the same machine!

With the new Mara Shibori DX we were pretty torn about how to even classify it. Is it a Sex Machine? Is it an Onahole? We’ll have to settle for it being a Robotic Onahole, because it combines the softness of an onahole with great squeezing action that grips and moves up and down the shaft! This is the most compact robotic masturbator we carry, perfect for fun times at home or on the road. It’s included AC adaptor and optional battery power make it very versatile.The movement is amazing. As the Mara Shibori DX moves up and down, caressing your member, it also squeezes and relaxes with its beaded pearl ring. You don’t have to do anything besides insert yourself and turn it on! As the action occurs outside of the soft onahole insert, you will feel nothing but pleasure. Cleaning is simple by popping out the onahole and running water or clear through it.