Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MSN (age6+)

7o7, went to grandpas place last nite and guess who i caught MSN'ing with his gf LOL, my 11 year old cousin =.=...i had to ask him for his email so i can add him on msn LOL, he even told me his was MSN LIVE -.-. His parents came out telling him to go sleep as 2moro got skool.

Dont give me a shit man when i was taking his pics.

Mom -Jeremy! Go sleep liao! 2moro got skool! 2moro u wanna chat with your frens how long oso can ma in skool!

Jeremy - Waitla! I still got alot of friends online ma!

Anyway, not surprising la diz fella, plays online games too LMFAO, that day saw him playing some online game,

so i asked him - eh what game is diz??

- Oh, diz is an online game called Runescape!

- Oh, Runescape...so...what u doing now running around hitting stones??

- I AM Hunting LA! Need Money! If not cannot buy armor & weapons la!

- (OMGWTF) dalam hati laughing my ass out liao. So...what level are u now??

- 26. still alot to go. =O (few seconds later he dced from the game)

- Eh dc liao ah?

- Aiyah Normal la, Online game is like dat wan!!. Close open reconnect can liao! WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH I LAUGH AGAIN OMGWTF AHDJHSEKIJG. when i was his age i didnt even have a calculator man! LOL. bloody smart ass.

MSN Live okay...dun pray pray

The LCD screen also bigger then he is.

Who wants his MSN?? LOL his email is jhooi95@yahoo.com, he havent accept me yet in msn, wait he after skool ler WAHHAHA.

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