Tuesday, October 9, 2007

End of the Bad Chi

Well, finally i get to perfectly install my new Head Lights, after all the Unwanted CHis around me, bursting my ballast is one of the last thing that i am going to fix after all the fixing dont know who is giving me, fix this fix that fix this fix that, it will never end i tell you, just problems after problems but i hope this will be the last for now at least...maybe if something happens in next few months! i wont mind! =/ not like consistently every week =O ,

Anyway, took these peace of Lights almost 2 months to reach me as i ordered from a very very very busy friend, before that was driving with only fog lamps on or with 3 eyes only. He was selling HID's for like RM300 for lo ones and RM 320 for halogen hi/lo. Told him to get for me the hi/lo but he advised me to get the lo ones as the hi/lo bulbs don't last long. Come to think of it that 2 years ago bought HID's for RM Beribu-ribu...heart pain T-T.

So, got the Lights, brought it to ANOTHER friend to fix it and charged me RM40 for installation!!! Jesus that is throat slit man! bAh nvm bout that, cause my head lamps aren't easy to install too as the installation has to be done from underneath, not the bonnet. So, okay bili bala bili bala, got it fixed...then when the night comes i tested the lights. =/ Disappointing again..the lights aren't pointing the way it suppose to be...the left shines too much to the right where left areas cant be seen. So tak happy, send to my friend again next day, evening...shot the lights on the wall, memang pun la the lights senget like 'ibu bantai anak kaki kangkang'.

He tried spinning the adjuster from the bonnet area which the head lamp can be seen from top, keep spinning, but it just doesn't move up or down, at that time i am still not sure if thats the right gear to rotate up/down or left/right...the mechanic was not sure himself, said it was my left head light casing problem kaki gear sudah patah. =.=. So..in the end..he said..sorry..cannot help you..2ND night..brought to my own mechanic...asked them to help me out with it...they shot the wall..as usual..adjust adjust..nothing moves...excuse is...oh..its like that one la...light sure shoot centre wan...puki mak la i fed up next day i brought my dildo sized skrew driver, drove down to my condo basement which has no lights at all, pitch dark basement with high walls...chun la i shot the wall open bonnet, skrewed it BY myself and woLLA, the light moved from right to left! its working! but how about the up/down gear which those mechs did not have an idea where the hell is it...i found it. It's beneath the headlights which u cant barely see from the top if you open the bonnet, the car is too compact that everything has to be hidden. SO..turn turn turn pusing pusing..which is quite tough cos its dark and i have to agak agak where the small gear is..so i just continued pusinging it till i see the lights going up and making a perfect horizontal line! WAHHAHAWIWIHWIHIWWIH HAPPPYYY GEMBIRAAAA CHIBAI STIM!! job well done! go back sleep happy! =p

My 2 years ago headlights.(H4 8000k, H11 8000k)

Current New Heads(H4 8000k which looks like 6000k because of complains of the people, manufacturers had to bring the colors down) but i am happy despite the color deferences, The new one is brighter then the old one =D Anyway, Miss grandma Red here is already 5 years old, reasonable for minor changes right..=( poor granny...

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