Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Colors of the night

Got a little bored at bambo9 that night, as the air inside was real smoky, barely had my eyes opened, and kinda sleepy... only slept for few hours the previous night, so set there blurry didn't know what to do, the girls are having fun, the guys are busy drunking, UNNNNtill i grabbed hold of Carmen's secret weapon which is not a secret anymore, the Camera! =D So i tried to see what i can do with the camera, i took random shots of the interior and lightings and people, and anak ayams!(hard to take la, too dark) not bored anymore =D, slow shutter, and no flash, very hard to take as my hand's are always shaky, so sorry if the pic is a little blurry...

Our Drinks of the Night - Vodka + Cherry

Looks like a staircase doesn't it? It's actually a mirror on the wall.

Just love the Mixer Glass, + the lightings, beautiful

Glass on Larva River

Nice lightings below the bar counter, where i almost lost my specs , nice color and human combination there =p

Minding my own business for awhile, she came. "TAKE PICTURE!"..okay..okay..

As usual...abused by the ladies...=(

No Comment. He is Drunk =D

My Favourite 42 BelowJob Vodka bottle =D

Spot Gerald.

That guy you should know who. See shape oso know liao

One of my favourite! Very Natural and lucky shot, just have to wait for the proper lightings to fall in place and snap!

The ceilings from the bottom of the transparent chair

Purple. a consistent color they used during play.

Mirror Again

Okay, sorry Jessica, cant really see you there, but anyways, she's there! posing! unfortunately...bad camera! But good work on the Rainbows!

Trying to come out with lighting art lol! konon...

A Stranger's hand on a bucket, wanted to take a better one but he took it away liao! sads

Last but not least, The Natural shot of Carmen Electra!

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