Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Japan vs Korea

Remember the time when Japanese Entertainment Business ruled over most Asian Entertainment Industry? That was before the year 2002, the Year of the World Cup hosted by Korea & Japan. Korea did really well in the Cup chase, and they knew they had the potential in doing anything already as they can beat the Japanese of the field, no doubt they can beat them on the market, and so they did. Noticed that right after the world cup ends, Korea starts to make a comeback in every direction of the business world, Electric Appliances, Cars, Phones, Korean BBQ's, especially the Entertainment business we have the Korean Dramas, Rain(all girls go nuts about), Boa, Hyori, all shooting up like nobody knows when they popped up.Korean this, Korean that...they are really coming up fast till now they even made an impact to Japans competitors list! But of course, despite Korea's upcoming, Japan is still doing a great job keeping their products up to the standard. It has always been Japan made! Everything is sure good if it is from Japan rite?Fashion wise, can say they are the best influence to the world especially to Sungei Wang.=D ANyways here are some pics of Models, Actresses, Singers , AV Idols and other entertainment business from Japan & Korea.


Ayumi Hamasaki (Made Famous)

Namie Amuro (Another Powerful Icon)

Mika Nakashima (Actress, Singer)


Yurie Ebihara (Model, Actress)

Aisa Senda (Actress, Now in Taiwan)

Goto Maki (SInger)

Kyoko Fukada (Actress, Model, Singer)

Koda Kumi ( Pop Singer)

Hitomi (Singer, SongWrite, Record Label owner)

Jun Natsukawa (Gravure Idol)

Maria Takagi (Actress, Former singer, Av Idol)

Maria Osawa (Av Idol)

Kadena Reon (Model, Actress)

Mayuko Iwasa (Entertainer, Model)

Mitsu Amai (Av Idol)

Tomomi Kudo (Gravure Idol)


Most of the Korean Products are mainly Singers, Dancers & Actresses, Not many of the so called AV Idols, or Bikini Models, They are much decent from the looks of it =p

Hyori Lee (Too Famous)

Kim Ah Joong (200 Pounds!!)

Han Hye Jin (Dharma 2: Showdown In Seoul)

Kim Hee Sun (The Myth, Sad Love Story)

BoA ( No need Say)

Kim Yoo-Jin ( Singer, Actress)

Kim Yun Jin (Actress for The Lost1,2,3)

U;Nee ( To the Late Singer, May 3, 81 - Jan 21,07)

Chae Yeon (Singer, Dancer,My Personal Idol!)

Im Ji Hye (Race Queen, omg she is...=.-")

Yoon Sonha ( SInger )

Lee Jin ( One of the member of Fin K.L, along with Hyori Lee, Sung Yuri and Ock Joo Hyun

Seong eun (Drama Actress)

Hong Soo Yeon(Actress)Han Ye Seul (Actress & Model)

Jun Ji hyun(Actress, Model)

Yoon Sun Hae (Model)

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