Sunday, September 23, 2007

FHM Photoshoot

The Charlies Angels

Carmen, Jessica & Sandy decided to go for the FHM(ForHamsapMegazine) casting 1 day, so they did, took alot of pics bla bla bla snap,snap,snap...and here are the best pics,

Carmen! skirt there, a little weird with the smile there though. Kinda..."want some of me tonite babe?" kinda smile. But anyways, full credito! =D

Jess & Sand doing the Kinky Pinky stuff, trying to get to the front page of the megazine . Im sure they can make it! Jess! Nice Hair! and whatever you are grabbing, woot =p

A consolation shot for sandy since she insisted she wants a single shot of her own. JUST in case the doubles dont work. ohoh. naughty Sandy!

So till then they will be waiting for their final results wether they will be able to be posted in the latest FHM megazine pages. Till then, unfortunately...they had to give their bodies back to the rightful cheaters! =D

Carmen had to give it back to Misa Campo...nicely done...

For the bunny girls...had to pass it back to Leah & her Friend =D

Sandy! you overused her assets! Leah Leah Leah!

*For those who are not casted in the photoshoots, dont feel down, cause finding a body to replace with yours its a hard thing for the agency. Till we work more on snaping YOUR own pics EVERY ANGLE then we will be able to distinguish which body parts suits you most! =D

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