Monday, September 17, 2007

Magnificent Night~

The 'LookOut' Restaurant

Went to a very special place last night for dinner cum supper, a very very special place called 'Look Out', there is a restaurant up there serving Western food, didn't knew that place existed until Heong brought us there with Yoong. It's far ahead after Jalan Ampang, inbetween Selayang and Kajang. Took us around 45 minutes to get there plus getting a little lost because the road lights are dim despite being the second time there for Heong but eventually we got to find the place.

It's kinda uphill, around 10 minutes drive to the top, surprisingly the air is as chilly as Gentings, Misty and all =D Brought some Jackets there just incase, but the cold was tolerable so its very very relaxing. Before we even reached the restaurant, along the way up we are already so mesmerized with the damn view! Its freaking WHOLE KL CITY VIEW anytime nicer then Gentings *O*....and when we finally stopped at the makan place, OMFG...pengsan...just beautiful, marvelous, superfantastic, the whole scenery is just like your desktop wallpaper! Maybe some of you guys have been up there before but we jakon have not been! Omg 1st time can die. Here are the scenes!

The Restaurant entrance, Our teaser view of the night

Our Shocking View of the Night! We were like ooohhmmmyyyggaawwdd,wahlaoooehh,kiiseeoowwliaooo(Jakon), Where got such place exist wan meh!??? Got actually so exited can die.

The City view Restaurant interior

Our Meal! I had Sizzling BBQ Lambchop and teh tarik, honestly speaking the food there is VERY GOOD! Affordable price for a crazy magnificent view! worth every penny! Your meal just tastes better up there can say lol, the teh tarik too is extra nice! wahaha

Yoong getting a little serious on is meal. He is really hungry. Cant blame him, drove almost an hour up.

Despite the hunger and time he took to drive us up there stressing, he seems to be HAPPY AFTER ALL! who wouldn't. The place is so heavenly it turns the beauty out of a beast. =D

The Teh Tarik!

Really the place got me stoned

Kok Heong & Carmen

Enjoying the VIEW


Kok Heong,Carmen,Yoong and I using the timer. We really need the group pic badly lol

Best place for starters to Pak Tor, Propose, get Married, Make Love, Whatever you think it's romantic, just do it.

Close up view of KLCC and KL Tower

The road up to the canopy

The Canopy

The restaurant is not the only place at 'LookOut' there are other places like bird parks, jogging tracks, other makan places too. We will definitely take a trip back there if we had any chance! BEST!

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