Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bad Chi!

Last nite after watching movie from 1U heading home around 1AM got very lucky, saw Alvin passing by...waved goodbye...after that as i steer into the back road junction of Carmen's house, i heard a crack sound, coming from the left bottom...so i did not really bother because often her house behind got big rocks and stones on the road, so when i came down from the car i can hear the sound of music...it sounds like...tssssssss...i can hear it from the right side of the tire...bbuutt...actually the sound didn't come from the right tyre....later i noticed it was the left side that is making the high pitch soprano sound...so chilaka betul la went to the left side was so loud there...after that i curious to see what punctured the tire, i walked to the end of the lorong and i found broken bottles on the road which i ran over, broken thick glasses, duno which chibai throw wan,so think think think..jialat liao la diz time...so i decided to ask Carmen quick take the other car we have to take it to the workshop NOW! while there is still enough air to reach the workshop, so we don't have to wait till 2moro morning and see a flat tyre and have to call a tow truck lerr...coz no one can change my tires if the car isnt in the workshop, too hard to jack up the car as in no spare tires can be fitted in, all are too small,

So whenever i get a hole in the tire...i have to tow the car with baby tyres, that means the whole car will be lifted up, no tires rolling on the floor, only then can be moved =/...and BEST of all, diz tire that koyak'd is the new tyre that i just changed to the last time i punctured my tire at Ampang before having shisha session with Gerald & Jess! knnccb, cause they already rotate my rims from back to front, the last time was my back left, now my front left, so kena the new one. so gong xi fa cai la now car at workshop now below me only office upstairs, they finding for new ones. SIEN DOUZ! Punctured tire twice in 6 months...best!

Before my tire koyak, my side door already kena bang by own house door kemek liao(Twice!), before let house door kemek, that day park in hartamas, bumper let people kemek...after bumper let people kemek...my HID ballast burn...so now driving without headlamps, waiting for stock to come...car already respray and reknock, HID not yet do...tayar panchet...BEST I TELL YOU...in the middle of all that, father called me say house phone line not working...and i went back check, chibai my internet line oso koyakkk wthhh, my house internet never dc before in 4 years cause the cables are earthed and i dont understand why can putus oso la! chibaichiabiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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