Saturday, September 15, 2007


Sorry, Not for the guys =p

Okay okay, Time to turn the tide a little, by request of SOme people, i shall post some stuff for the girls to yah LOL. Boys, dont have to touch this post, i understand LOL, but hell you guys have to be fair too sometimes okay! Not only us can see chicks ma, give chance for them to have some eye opener also! dont little bit little bit get angry coz your gf see muscle man in underwears ma!! =p But got a few consolation pics for the guys here oso ler, just in case got some guys moderating saying it will be sien. Here are some pics of famous brand ad's posters and models,

Every skinny Men's Dream, for me, kinda impossible =/

If only Malaysian Beef is as good as Europe's =D

Now i know why they are so kin to be working out everyday =.= The morale is...You don't need a got damn gym! You just need THAT! Girl: *Spank* give me 100! Guy: OH SURE DO! SURE DO!

If only i can fit into THOSE

Damn, If we had chest like THOSE, Our cloths don't need buttons anymore! Hell more like it's even okay not to wear anything! damn damn damn!

They didn't just shower for sure.

=O 7"up! with cold ice! Asians cant take 7up! can? Or its the other way? Yah, they like it.

If i were in there, Most probably the Shop name will be, Bamboo & Banana

Ok, i know what are the guys going to say LOL...despite them being..Ga*...They still have nicer body man! =p

Okay. i can do that. Nothing special =D..Don't need nice body to do that.

Oh, Daniel Wu, Girls go crazy over him =/...but i dont see any hair down there which some claim it suppose to have in the posters?

Some Consolation for the Guys

Oh Bebe~ looks like Orlando huh? Is that him??

Not sure what to call it, panty or underwear, but it's really unique.

Seriously, nice skirts =D Too bad Malaysian winds ain't that kinky =p

Notice the 'G' on the Waxed! *Droool* =p "Gerald if you're seeing this whats on your mind now???"

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