Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gerald & I Owning Hollywood

Too free nothing to do was asking Gerald what to blog about. Then he said 'MeeeeeeBlogaboutmmeee' Lol okaylor, at the same time he is dreaming to be the Batman, so i tried putting the suit on him, Not bad at all for Batman to have long hair! As for Mr.Robinho...still bald =/. And nice too to be having a photo shoot with Ms. Silverstone =D

Batgirl(Alicia Silverstone), Batmando(Gerald Cheong). Robinho(Daniel Boo)

I told him Batman done. 2nd he told me to try making him up to be an absolute hunk on my previous posts... So...There it is...marvelous results Gerald! Congratz on the hard working out!

Admiring his CK idol, wishing one day he will have 'san choi' like his =p

10 Years time Gerald, 10 Years time...But it's just a photo shoot, if you touch me like that ever, that thingy under that white tights wont be there anymore =D

But if i ever had long hair, he will be doing that to me since i always taunt him to shave his head. =p...

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