Monday, September 3, 2007

Little friends...

Miss you guys
To the little friends i lost along the years, it has been long since i mention about them, sometimes they still go roaming around my mind, they are like part of the family already but sadly they didn't stay long...

'Nova Lupercus' our Siberian Husky

When we just bought him =D

Nova, when he was few weeks old

Look at his face, mischievous chop on it.

Very Very Very smart dog, very adventurous , sometimes too smart till stubborn, he is always in his own world, doesn't wanna listen at all!

Super active breed, he brings you for a walk instead of you bringing him.

Few months old already, handsome?

One of the reason we got him is because of his eyes, 1 side grey 1 side brown, very rare huskies sold local has 2 colors.

Needs cold temperature in house, cant stay out under hot sun too long cause it will not be good for his hair, and he gets really thirsty fast over here..

Have to leash him all the time...inside house outside house...when he runs...he runs and will never come back, and take hell of a trouble to get him back if he does...

We had to let him go in the end, we could not cope with the nature of his life as he needs larger compound to play on and a bigger house to rest in...he is growing too fast and he is HUGE...too huge for our house as we don't have any compound or space for him to run on & seeing him get caged in the house made our heart sick, we often take him for walks but we did not have the strength to do so anymore...just too big to be brought around, so we posted on internet for sale 1 day got replied from a rich man, he called up and plan to take Nova to his Bungalow around Genting, He has few acre of empty land for his 30 dogs to run on, so we are happy to find a proper master for Nova to lean on and we are not worry anymore as he had found a much more suitable place to live. Of course we are sad to part with him as we love him so much but we had no choice, he needs a better place...wish you happy in your new home.

------------'Dusty' Our English Budgie------------

Another intelligent bird we had, a tamed English Budgie

Very clingy to his cage, seldom leave its cage unless we bring him out to play...

A busy body!

A Cam Whore!

A good Bartender too!

His Playground

His Toilet

His Girlfriend! Her Name is Cubee!

Aren't they sweet, anyway Cubee is my friend's bird, we bought for him too for his birthday, so Dusty can be made company for her(Cubee) =D

They just can't resist one another

'Them' at mamak stall =D with their portable houses..

So basically English Budgies are tamed, human hand fed from the moment they were born, thats why they aren't afraid of humans, you lift up your finger, they will hop on it, just bring it anywhere you want on your shoulder or head or whichever place you prefer for it not to pooh, their wing feathers are trimmed so they wont be able to fly far maybe just around the house, but anyway they walk alot...less flying...they are hubirds!

SO......the story goes like diz, Dusty lost his girlfriend just after a month or so after we bought em...lost it to an unknown creature that was lurking around my friends house, sadly a morning my friend woke up and found Cubee died on the floor bloodied with stomach wide open BUT without any trace of struggle...feel of CSI? yeah...real weird, normally if it's a cat or whatever that likes feathery creatures, they will leave some markings like feathers around the floor or the cage messed up...but it is all just too clean...Have to bury her behind the yard the next day without any clues to anything...very sad...

So after that horrible case, a few weeks later...another weird thing happen, this time we have to call the Dusty gone missing out of a sudden. normally he runs free downstairs placed on the piano with his cage, he goes in and out whenever he likes, he has already got used to it and he has no problem with it, but 1 morning when i woke up he is just gone, searched the whole house and he is not there anymore, no trace of struggle too, Dusty COULD NOT fly far, it usually hops and walk around places...but this time he is really gone..where? i really don't have an idea...we checked the parking lot we checked the aquarium..we checked the outside drains, roads, just not there...maybe he misses Cubee too much he has to go look for her? well..just couldn't understand sometimes...nature!

Anyway, We really miss you guys alot

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