Thursday, August 16, 2007


Sorry for the lagging of the apartment pics post =D Just got some from Carmens pc, her camera got more but anyways diz r a few pics from the Apartment, nice environment 'macam rumah sendiri' home tables and chairs everywhere even they got an outdoor bathroom lucky thing we dont see any toiletbowls See the Bathroom exterior...creative indeed

The desserts were marvelous!

Look at the tea spoon man, can use as fishing rod i diao you.

Bottles of duno what that can make u mabuk*

Can see Alvin? Hes always in pictures but u have to look closely to see him lol...but wait...sometimes...

He can just be a damn good cam whore! gaga Cheers mr.Alvino!

Very Decorative lights maybe from Ikea =/

Potato Chips Deco

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