Tuesday, August 21, 2007


SOme random pix of us during our shisha session, well, some can say during the old old old times reminding us of our Independance Day...

During dat day of independance, we got so xited to show our hair cuts as before that we never had a chance to do it.

We planned to get on TV at that time to shoot our best selling album videos during Merdeka day.

An Old pic Showing our band members, We used it as our debut cover!

Another pic showing us posing handsomely for our debut cover picks.

Some Crazy shit pose we do during photo sessions.

Few years later, coloured prints r out! so we made full use of it again for our 12th album, and oh yah...'Lorong Belakang Boys' Our band name.

Till today! We r still one! Diz is our brand new album cover for 2008! Album titled - Sotong

RS of TODAY!!!

Lisha sure very happy take pic with me wannn...seeee..smile till teeth oso wanna "pak kalao" & fugz showing hes mamak calling skills.

Put all the jantans in a view finder, and they will OWN it! Jantan 2 Betina 0

speechlesssss...everyone is just so wrong =.=


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