Thursday, August 30, 2007

Worlds Best Clubs

Getting bored with our local clubs lately? Try venturing to other places to get some of your senses regenerated! Even though I'm not a clubbing-clubbing person that just goes for drinks after drinks and in the end of the night just end up waking up in your friends bedroom, but i find clubs interesting in different ways like the interior & exterior designs,furniture designs, artworks, paint jobs, themes, DJ's, Sound Designs, Lightings and most importantly the overall atmosphere.Most people don't see it that way but i do after all. It all just had to blend to give you the overall feel of how you want to feel that late night after a whole week work, no matter how a stoner you can be when you enter a place like diz you will be a total different person! a smiley one! We all need to let our hair down from time to time, but if you want to party in style check out some selection of the world's best clubs.



Cape Town is not a huge clubbing destination. A large slice of the local population is simply far too laid back to worry about dressing up and begging for guest lists every night, but Opium has staked itself out a territory as the one place you simply must visit when in town. Something of a warren inside, the club has several dark, elegantly decorated rooms located in an old stable building near the waterfront. The PR-team made a big fuss about Leonardo DiCaprio’s visit when he was in town filming, but don’t let that put you off! The crowd is typically friendly, up for it and, this being Cape Town, full of ridiculously attractive people and, if there are any big name DJ’s visiting the city, the chances are they will be passing through Opium sooner or later.



Copenhagen’s hottest club? Probably. One things for certain, you won’t find a venue like it anywhere else. Its minimal all-white design has a retro-space age feel, a 60s vision of the future executed with 21st century slickness. While you’re contemplating that, you can gawp at the white Japanese carp in their aquarium. This is a members club with an elite atmosphere, though not inaccessible if you look the part – and can play it convincingly too. Mingle with the chic and the stylish as you sip champagne and exclusive cocktails from one of two bars, then take to the intimate dance floor where top European DJs play an infectious mixture of house and soul hits. Music is kept at a bearable level, as we wouldn’t want to taint the ultra-cool atmosphere with too much bass, would we? An external steel lift ferries the lucky few into this exclusive nightspot; if you’re lucky enough to be among them, expect to work out suitably off-the-planet prices for drinks.



One of Chicago’s hottest clubs, with sister branches in Miami and New York, this place takes some beating. The décor is urban and industrial, but the hard edges have been softened with a sprinkling of South Beach pastels. Some of the best DJs in the world have been known to spin at Crobar, with the dominant sound in the mirror-balled main room being techno, trance, Ibiza, and House. Professional dancers groove on platforms above the floor as well as in the front bar to really ratchet up the full-on party atmosphere. The place attracts a young and fabulous crowd, unfazed by the sometimes steep pricing. To make your night even cooler, you’ll want to gain access to Crobar’s ultrachic Suite area, a walled off VIP spot complete with private bar where the champagne flows freely and its own DJ. Regulars and celebrities get priority but the space can always be reserved for private parties if you don’t fall into either category.


Remote Lounge

Set on the busy Bowery in the bustling East Village, New York’s Remote Lounge is not named for its isolation, but for the digital device at each table that allows you to train a camera on any guy or gal in the space that you fancy. The world’s first “video-camera bar” there are over 60 cameras in the lounge, and the images you and other customers film are displayed on plasma screens, private consoles or large video projectors in the space. You can contact the person you have filmed (or fancy) via a telephone handset built into each table. All of this is done as you sit with a fine cocktail in your hand, listening to abstract ambient sounds played by the house DJs. Welcome to cyberspace.



Marbella has gone from Costa del Crime to Costa del Party – with dozens of elite new nightspots turning the once chintzy coastal town into a Spanish St Tropez. Right on the harbour, overlooking those gin palace yachts, you’ll find Pangea, a stylish South Beach-meets-the-souk nightclub with a sultry al fresco terrace. The main gathering point is the Moroccan-style lounge area adjacent to a raised-level dance floor that gets crowded later on. On the streets outside valets park Porsches and Ferraris, and tanned Mediterranean men escort fashion model girlfriends past the velvet rope. The venue accommodates 500 and attracts visiting Euro-celebs from Madrid, Paris, London and Rome. Join them.



It’s been called the best club in the known universe; whether you feel the same way pretty much depends on whether you can get through the door. If you’re not a celebrity, a model or a millionaire it’s about as easy as getting a green card, but once inside expect the kind of designer style and deluxe swagger that New York has not known since the days of Studio 54. Set over two floors, a small dance floor ringed by plush banquettes is the centerpiece, with a glittering chandelier hanging over it all. Model waitresses serve model customers in those banquettes, while private rooms with rippled red walls provide a quiet break from the siren-hot scene. This part of Chelsea has seen an explosion of exclusive new clubs and bars in the past year. Marquee is the hottest of the lot.


Café Mambo

Ibiza gives good sunset and nowhere on the island gives it better than Café Mambo. Located on the same strip as its famous older sister Café Del Mar, in old town San Antonio, it’s the most idyllic place to witness the ritual going-down-of-the-orb.
By 6pm some 5000 bronzed, near-naked ravers, have gathered on the beach to drink, dance and soak up the rays, and when the sun finally sets over the glassy blue sea, the sight is so perfect you half expect it’s been directed by the DJ. Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez and other big-name stars have made Mambo’s sunset sessions famous, and although you will feel it in your pocket – the cocktails cost a bomb – that view is free.


Pacha Ibiza

If you thought the Spanish island rave scene was a recent phenomenon, check out the Ibiza mega-club that has been going strong since 1973! Located opposite the Marina in the magical Old Town, Pacha's atmosphere builds to Carnival-like intensity outside as night falls and the lights go down. Once inside there’s space for 3000, but here’s the dilemma: which section do you head to? There’s the soul-funk sounds of the Funky Room; the wild theme parties in the Global Room; the pumping house and techno beats of the Main Room. With guest DJs such as Pete Tong and Sasha accompanying residents Sarah Main and Angel Linde, there’s much Balearic beat to shake your booty to, but this being Pacha, sleek and cool and comfortable, you can always find a cosy couch in a quiet corner to relax in.


Bed Supperclub

Those tired of the sensory overload on the streets of Bangkok might want to bed down for a different kind of sensory experience. Not in a backpackers hostel on Khao San but in the chic, white-walled, divan-lined splendour of BED Supperclub on Sukhumvit. With its low-slung chairs, curved walls and fruity cocktails, the space-pod haven that is BED attracts glamorous locals and moneyed ex-pats all here to have their senses soothed. Silent films projected onto the walls add to the allure and the coriander-rich scent coming from the Oriental-fusion kitchen whets the appetite. Before you know it you are reclined on one of those divans wondering if you can actually check in for the night.

Singapore has a reputation for repressive cleanliness and oppressive social control, but then along comes a club like Zouk and shatters all our stereotypes. Recently voted the hottest club in all of Asia, Zouk is a cool converted warehouse space. Enter and join beautiful people on a wine bar terrace. You’re among designer-dressed Chinese-Singaporeans and Amex-carrying ex-pats sipping lychee martinis and looking lovely. But musical wonders await you inside where three spaces give you a lot of choice. There’s the eternally chic Velvet Underground specialising in house tracks; the large Zouk main floor where name DJs spin trance and techno; and the private members bar upstairs where VIPs gaze down on it all. Video consoles and television screens add a hi-tech touch although live shows and album launches by the likes of Groove Armada keep it down home and real. Best of all, as long as that dance floor is busy - Zouk stays open.



Is Cocoon the coolest club in Europe? It’s certainly a contender and, on design terms alone, one of the slickest venues you’ll ever come across. Where to start? With the shimmering, vaguely hallucinatory,

100 metre long membrane wall that encircles the dance floor? Or the space-age pulpit from which the DJs hold court? If it all sounds incredibly impressive, that’s because it is. Above the triangular main floor, lies the exclusive VIP lounge – a lure for the beautiful people of Frankfurt (I’m sure some sort of caterpillar/butterfly metaphor is appropriate at this point – please insert your own). Fortunately, as you may have gathered, the rest of the club isn’t exactly lacking in atmosphere or glamour either. Music is taken seriously here, so there’ll be no danger of encountering cheesy Euro-pap, instead you’ll be greeted with techno and trance courtesy of the biggest names around. Because, as you see, this is a super-club in ever sense.

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