Friday, August 31, 2007


Independence Day

Happy Merdeka everyone! Last nite was great, 10pm liao waiting for Gerald to call, was in my house at Perdana planning to go Curve, so thought of parking car at my place and walk to Curve cause only take like 10 minutes walk knowing that that area is packed with cars, so Gerald called saying they reached Curve and found parking so we change plan. We drove. When reach there, traffic was bad from my side and taking like half hour to be in Curves road and then chilaka sueh they go block all the small roads entering the Curve area and all the parking lots are closed, round 2 times in the end no choice drive back all the way to Hot Pot and park there and in the end got to walk! Here r the pix of the nite.

The Cars Parked till traffic light junctions realy seow.

On the way walking to Curve hands got itchy


Almost there...

Finally...reached the destination! banyak orang gila

Looking for Jess & Gerald then saw diz crazy people

Found them!! What else!? camwhore la! =p

The colors of the stages : some asia culture performance going on.

Fireworksss!!!! Lasted for like 15 minutes...just beautiful

The Video of The Fireworks

To The Ship for dinner!

The atmosphere was so patriotic, very semangat! Flags all over the place including your food. Full bar the restaurant, need wait awhile till we get our seats, All waiters are wearing Multi national baju's as if its all Hari Raya, Chinese new year, Deepavali all celebrated all together.

Very decorous & inviting settings

Bendera Bendera Bendera!

A Britsh(Union Jack) concept Restaurant with Malaysia flag! Didn't see any Union Jack flag there though.

Waiting for BEEF BEEF BEEF.....

WOaalla Here it is! With Malaysia Flag topping!

Got intrigued by the Menu page, the Dress codes for the cabin crews, rankings and jobs and all, very originative.

Brandy Steak in Flames before served

Escargots! Delightful! =D

Eat to0 full liao...*Burp*

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