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The Heart Of Everything

-----Within Temptation-----
Its been quite sometime now since planning to introduce to the locals about a spectacular band which is not made famous in the South East Asia yet, but currently dealing a big bang in the Europe.Within Temptation is a Symphonic Metal band from the Netherlands. The band was founded in 1996 by vocalist Sharon Den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt.Their music is variously described as symphonic metal, although in an interview, Sharon Den Adel said they fell into a symphonic rock genre.

Directly after the release of their first album Enter, the band became prominent in the underground scene. It would however take until 2001, when they became known by the general public, with the single 'Ice Queen' from the album Mother Earth, which reached position 2 in the charts. Since then, the band won the Conamus Export Prijs four years in a row. Their next album 'The Silence Force' immediately reached first position in the charts. Their latest album, the 'The Heart of Everything' also reached this position immediately.

They are established well before Evanescence as people are comparing the both to which is the better band, from my opinion Evanescence is also good in certain ways but just because of a better publicity and commercials, that doesn't mean they make a better band, Talking about vocals, Sharon has more of the quality compared to Amy Lee, and the band blends the notes perfectly and different albums has different feel to it unlike albums from Evanescence its like one whole song in 1 album, lyrics are much more meaningful from WT, listening to their song over and over wont bore you at all. Sharon's lyrics are used as quotes quite often because it relates so much to life being depressed and emotional. The music are much more melodic compared to other goth rockers or sym. metal bands.

Background Info________________________________________________

Origin - The Netherlands(Holland)

Genre(s) - Symphonic Metal
Years Active - 1996 - present
Labels - DSFA Records, Gun Records, Roadrunner Records
Website -

Band Members_________________________________________________

Ruud Adrianus Jolie - Guitar

Jeroen van Veen - Bass
Stephen van Haestregt - Drums
Sharon Den Adel - Vocals
Martijn Spierenberg - Keyboards
Robert Westerholt - Guitar


The new album 'The Heart of Everything' has been received very well in Europe. These are the chart toppings.

Billboard European Charts: #5
NL - #1
Finland - #2
Sweden - #4
Portugal - #5
Germany - #5
Switzerland - #8
Austria - #12
Czech - #12
Spain - #23
Norway - #24
Denmark - #32
Belgium - #36
UK - #38
Italy - #48
France - #26

3FM Awards________________________________________________________________

On April 15th the Dutch 3FM Awards took place. They are nominated for five Awards:

- Best Band
- Best Female Singer
- Best Single (for “What Have You Done”)
- Best Album (for “The Heart Of Everything”)
- Best Rock Artist


Released: March 12th 2007 'The Heart of Everything' Chart topper in Europe #1 album in Netherlands. Sold 307,450 albums worldwide

Released: Nov 15th 2004 'The Silent Force'Chart topper in Europe #1 album in Netherlands. Sold 500,000 albums Only in Europe

Released: Aug 21st 2001 , 'Mother Earth' Sold 350,000 albums Only in Europe

Released 1997 'Enter' 100,000 albums Only in Europe


Released 2007 Latest single 'Frozen'

Another top chart single 'Angels'


Super chart topper 'Ice Queen' with 2 covers

'Mother Earth'

Best Selling Single 'Stand My Ground' with 2 covers

'Running Up That Hill'

'Our Farewell'

Released 1998 'The Dance'


Dedicated to Ivan! Favourite song of hes 'See Who I Am' LIVE

'Running Up That Hill'

'What Have You Done' older version video, its better.

'The Howling' New video

My Personal Favourite 'Jillian' LIVE

'Angels' One of the early videos

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