Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our new Babi dari Guinea!

Here are pix of our new guinea pigs, bought them at tmn. megah petshop, at 1st bought only one but see her so charm so next day we went to get another one. One is the Getsby model breed and the other one is the Rejoice breed...One is Tira the other is Misu. Very quiet at first but now very bising, they make the oink oink sound wen they walk, omg damn babi man. Both oso betina. nah the pics...


Tira's back, Misus Ego

The Pig


See what i meant by Getsby and Rejoice

Carmen will probly blog more about diz when she got her new blog, wouldnt wanna put too much of the pigs pics after she got nuthing to post about liao aha..

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