Friday, August 24, 2007

Joey Jordison Tribute

One of The Best Drummer of all time!

Nathan Jonas "Joey" Jordison
is an American drummer, bass guitarist and guitarist. He is best known for his role as the drummer for the band Slipknot during the 1990s and 2000s. He is also well known as the guitarist for Murderdolls, a glam metal/horror punk band which he founded in the 2000s, that is currently on hiatus due to the Murderdolls' members' main projects. Since the spring of 2006, he has been the live drummer for the industrial metal band Ministry. In the summer of 2007, Jordison is going on the road with the band Korn for summer European festivals and the Family Values Tour.

Jordison in Suit

History Behind his Mask

There is meaning behind each Slipknot members' mask. They are a reflection of their personalities or a past personal experience. Jordison's Japanese Kabuki mask reflects a personal experience; when he was younger his mother came home drunk from Halloween. Joey was terrified of the emotionless stare of the mask. In the early days of the Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat album he wore one plain white. For the Self-Titled album Slipknot, he decorated it with a few stripes and dots of paint. For Iowa he painted it with fake blood all over his mask, and for Vol. 3 he did a variation of designs on it, more notable with claw slashes. He also quotes: "The design enables it to feel however you want it to feel; scary, evil or perverted. All those things held in one mask". He has made about 1000 different styles for his mask. His new mask showed at the Fuse Fangoria Award show is gray with red and black markings.

Sparco Bucket seat for drummings! Enjoy!

A Clip of Joey With Slipknot playing Left Behind

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