Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SushiGroove & Italiannis

Happy 50th Birthday Papa!!=D

Farewell dinner pix for Lisha @ Sushi Groove in 1 Utama & pix of Carmens dads birthday dinner at Italiannis @ The Curve. The beef Teriyaki at SG isn't that satisfying compared to the other dishes the ladies ordered...environment can say pretty soothing with lime lights on walls and ceilings, songs they played there doesn't correspond though, it's more pubby kinda feeling. Italiannis was extravagant! Everything was so feeling, 2 bowls of pasta and a Pizza you can barely stand. Creamy, creamy delightful =D enough words. here r the pix!

Charlie's Angels in Color Pencils!

omfg i look like a retard monkey O.o

The Family In Pixels

More pics of them!!

MORE! walao look at the tai kah cheh there, what she doing?And Jess could be Gerald in diz pic if her hair was a little shorter with those jeans and belt man! and thats gerald's shirt?? haha! go Cowgirl! And Lisha u look like one of those small girl acting in korean horror movies =.=

Okay, steady...steady... now they are back to decent =D

I Tell you, they just can't last a second being decent, see now back civilization.

PIZZA !! with salmondooo

The mouth watering pastas!

Omg, making me hungry liao while posting this pic...

Carmen's dad with a perfect 5 BIG candles! born right on merdeka year .

Inlaws =D

The Latte coffee cup . was so small at 1st we thought it was the creamer =.=

If anything happens to Carmen, i am pretty sure that wouldn't be a Plastic knife anymore =O

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