Monday, August 20, 2007

-Green St. Hooligans!!-

Vin sent me some pix liao, sandy sent me some pix liao...cant blog it yet...why...coz diz pc i using now no photoshop cant resize or touch up anything...Carmens lap top no battery...cable in tought of going upstairs to take a pic of our new Guinea Pig we bought from Tmn Megah after our pasar malam, kns camera cable oso at basically no pics yet la knn. Anyway went pasar malam got to get The Chemical Brothers: We are the night - new album! =D sam guo yisap yatchek chat man!! diu nei i buy liong chek $14 =D very good album. better dan original =D got bonus tracks summoreee =D PS2 games oso got...3 for 10...damn dai...bought all the Pirates of the Currybean game! =D...anyway since i got nothing to blog about now, just let you all watch the ost form a crazy chun movie called Green Street Hooligans. mr.FugZ intro wan...reli damn chun movie...nah here is the video! crazy chun song man!

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